Written and directed by Arthur Fanget 

Watch the making-of here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnQDYT... 

Video made for "No more sleep" released on "Rave Age" Vitalic's album on November 2012.

An UNOFFICIAL clip by Acube Productions and Pixel Commando

Producers : Arthur Fanget, Yvan Fanget
Production Assistant : Emmanuel Valéry
1st Assistant Director : Alexandre Seurot
2nd Assistant Director : Morgane Garnier
3rd Assistant Director : Manon Lordez
Script : Stéphane Peronnet
Casting Director : Romain Gorce

Stage Production Manager : Charlotte Bruel
Stage Production Assistants : Clémentine Vessière, Youri Mignard-Meunier, Alexandre Belva, Lisa Chrissokerakis, Manon Grand
Pre Production Executives : René Osi, Chira Fitoussi
Cooks : Agnès Camerano, Solange Camerano Chief

Camera Operator : Alexandre Giroux
1st AC : Alexandre Meunier
Steadycam Operator : Martin Ducret
Lighting Manager : Alexandre Thimonier
Lighting Technicians : Charles Sayer, Lucile Lemarois
Additional LT : Florent Ruggeri
Key grip : Mathieu Bernardin 
Sound : Olivier Thoral

Set Decorator : Annabelle Rude Costume
Designer : Annabelle Rude
Drawings : Cédric Nitard
Make up / FX Artist : Constance Savelli
Mc Gyver : Samuel Lévi Micolini
Still photographers : Jérémy Adonis, Fred China
Making of : Tanguy Le Gal

Editing : Arthur Fanget
Colorist : Brice Bellier
Sound and Graphic design : Théophile Rivière
Pre Production Design : Adrien Bigoni
Post production work by Pixel Commando

CAST in order of appearance

Mathilde : Dorcas Coppin
Teacher : Laura Guillaume
Principal : Eric Vermet
Knight : Arthur Fanget
Ninja : Cédric Nitard
Soldiers "Reptor Team" : Joseph Matringe-Malzieu, Eric Reynier aka "Papy", Charles Plk
Father : Giuseppe Capobianco
Sister : Thessa Le Maigat
Brother : Arnaud Mizzon
Granny : Denise Richard
Extras : Deborah Haim, Chloe Groleaz, Louis Bischoff, Kevin Jouve, Lena Idir, Quentin Clamaron, Eric Renaudin, Lucile, Lora Delavay, Jérémy Ducroix, Alan Champroux, Janyce Clavel, Manon Cotte, Florent Martin, Alice Moyet, Rémy Di Palma


Camera: Camera Planning
Light: Transpalux
Grip : Un poil court
Insurance : RiskMedia Spécial

Thanks : SodaKat for the blood footage, Estrablin Town Council, Laurent Dumaz, Patrick Michel, Catherine Bachet, Laurence Constiaux, Adélaïde Javon and my wonderful team for all the work achieved, following me into the dark, and never giving up on nothing.
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